Top Road in Pompeii
Thermopolium of Asselina
The Thermopolium of Asselina pompeyense ms is the exclusive venue for lovers of good wine and good food.
Thermopolium Vetutius Placido
The Thermopolium of Vetutius Placido has a large room with L-shaped counter ms full of Pompeii. In their niches encontrars the fra ms wide range of food, hot, as
Thermopolium Libera
A beautiful place, run by Libera Supine, for everyday spacing. Specializing in the most exquisite wines of the Empire (merum, mulsum, passum, defritum, carenum, sapa or vina condita) ...
Caupone Euxini
The Caupone Euxini led by Flavius ​​Fanius offers a comprehensive and innovative cuisine with products from around the Imperio.Y to rest, the cauponae Euxini, offers a wide range of cubiculum.

From noon on pompeyenses take a snack, which can last throughout the whole day. Tradition marks this snack is made in one of the many taverns in the city. Through the cuisine and wines of Pompeii you will be in contact with a significant part of their culture.

We offer a list of some of the many taverns (Thermopolium) and fast food (cauponae and popinae) existing in Pompeii, Pompeii linked to QR.

In them you will find the widest range of foods and beverages, daily specials (Traditional pompeyense kitchen, cuisine or international cuisine of the Empire), and information about the various activities that take place in these establishments.

All establishments belonging to the Cultural Route are marked with the logo on the door.

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